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    Ezhou Hanyan New Materials Co., Ltd. began to research and produce electrolytic iron powder since 2013. It was registered as incorporated company in 2014. Hanyan has designed and established a production line of electrolytic iron powder with capacity of 1,000T/A, declared one invention patent and seven utility model patents, and it has proprietary intellectual property rights. The product has reached design requirements on performance and quality. The company has established Research Institute of Electrolytic Iron Technology and Product Application with Wuhan University of Science and Technology in order to improve product technologies and qualities.

    Ezhou Hanyan New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in Ezhou Economic Development Zone in May 2014. The plant and work area cover 3,000 square meters. The company has established one 1,000T electrolytic iron powder production line by means of independent research and development and commission design. It has proprietary intellectual property rights. The product quality has reached the international level among similar products. At present, the company has developed electrolytic iron powders for food deoxidizing agents and colour powders for colour printing. Electrolytic iron powder is high-energy iron powder produced by electrolytic process. Compared with traditional reduction method, atomization method, and hydroxyl method, electrolytic process has advantages as follows: 1. The purity of iron can be more than 99.99%; 2. Electrolytic process can get fine granularity through physical method for it has favorable machining property; 3. Active iron content can be more than 98% in electrolytic iron powder. Therefore, electrolytic iron is widely used in powder metallurgy, hard alloys, soft magnetic materials, electronic components, high temperature alloys, aerospace, pharmaceutical and food additives, food deoxidizing agents, and other fields.




Hotline: +86-711-3619007

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